It is astounding, really.  The proliferation of technology, continually improving the ease and quality of our lives, is now transforming our homes as well.  44% of Americans who want move-in ready homes say smart home technology is a must, per Coldwell Banker, and with good reason. Aside from the enhanced safety, lower utility bills, and added convenience; a small investment in smart technologies will also increase the overall value and desirability of your property.  

Though it seems like science fiction, here are some of the remarkable things already possible today:


Nest smoke and CO2 Detectors check their own functionality and battery levels 400 times daily, alerting you to a little smoke in the kitchen with a subtle voice.  If there's not a genuine fire,you can silence the detector with your cellphone.  If there is smoke detected while you're sleeping, Nest will tell you which rooms to avoid. If you are not at home, Nest will alert you on your cell.

August smart locks give you key less entry to your home via your cell phone.  The doorbell attachment contains a camera,allowing you to see who's at the door, whether you're home or not. Temporary entry can be granted to friends or neighbors without the need for exchanging physical keys.  With associated devices, your home can sense that you've left home, and notify you that you left food cooking on the stove.


Nest thermostats will pay for themselves within two years in energy savings alone.  After Nest learns you and your habits,it will adjust itself without you having to bother and schedule energy hogging tasks when rates are lowest.  Associated products can sense your presence to change the lighting, to lower your home's ambient temperature while you sleep, or even start the water heater when you awaken.


Caseta in wall dimmer switches with remote controls enable you to control your lighting from anywhere in the room. Now mare getting up to turn off or dim the light. When connected to your wi-fi network you have whole home lighting control. 

With associated devices, your cell phone will alert your home that you're on the way and begin to adjust your lighting, the temperature, even the shades to your specifications. Get your laundry or the crock pot started before you arrive. Gaze into your refrigerator from your cellphone and see what you need to pick-up for dinner, speak to your spouse inthe backyard to discuss what's for dessert, peek in on your child doing homework.

Now that you have a new Amazon Echo or Google Home device put it to good use to control your Smart Home. Just say, “Alexa, turn down the temperature," and you are now a part of the Smart Home revolution. Next, set-up a consult with Sell or Dwell.  We will gladly assist you in assessing your home's needs and installing simple, inexpensive devices to make your property smarter and sexier.  

Kevin and Adrienne are certified in the latest home technologies and will recommend inexpensive products that buyers are seeking. They will also assist you with outfitting your new home with devices to make it more comfortable and energy efficient. They just completed the installation of Smart Home devices in our “flip” as part of our whole home staging service we have with all our listing. 

Under $1000 investment in modernizing your home with smart technologies can add up to $3,000 to the value to your property and get it seen more often online and in person than other homes without Smart Home technology. Let’s get started!