Professional Photography Sells The Property


 5,000 marketing images alone, every single day.

Images.  They surround us.  They are ubiquitous. Some folks even argue that we are bombarded by them.

Anywhere we turn our heads, a photograph or advertisement is vying for our attention, if even for a split second.  A truck is not only moving goods, but also transporting the message painted on its side.  

The grocery store windows, the grocery store walls, the grocery store floor, the grocery cart itself.  The grocery clerk, the grocery bag, the backside of the receipt.  When you arrive home, you find images on the boxes and more on the interior packaging.   Open the carton and find another image, printed on your egg.  


The New York Times estimates that an American living near an urban center sees 5,000 marketing images alone, every single day.  Couple that with those we seek - entertainment, news, advertising, and sharing photos on social media – and these images can overwhelm our senses.

As a survival mechanism, we train our brains to disregard unimportant images, but to focus on those that meet our needs.  Understanding this overload, today’s visual artists consider their works successful if they can command our attentions for a mere three seconds. Therefore, advertisers employ professional photographers to produce stunning images, those which will stand-out from the masses and capture us.

 So it is with selling your property.

 As cameras with professional settings have become more affordable - even our cellphones can capture fantastic photos - many home sellers are tempted to simply whip-out an iPhone and forego professional photography altogether.  This is absolutely the wrong approach.

 A fantastic online image increases your chances of showings by 134%.  Not 34%, but 134%

At Sell or Dwell, we feel so strongly in the power of professional photography, it is always included when we sell your property.  96% of all serious buyers begin their searches online.  As time-strapped as we’ve become though, an online real estate search lasts an average of only 36 minutes. 

Buyers will swipe-past properties that don’t please their eyes immediately.  With thousands of potential properties available, catching attention on that first glance is crucial.  Indeed, it may be the only glance you’re given.  

 Of course, preparing and staging your property appropriately will give potential buyers their first physical impression of your home; but a professional photograph will get them to your door.  A fantastic online image increases your chances of showings by 134%.  Not 34%, but 134%.

 More online views equals more showings, and more frequent showings.  More frequent showings inevitably lead to fewer days on the market, then ultimately commanding a higher price for your property.  In fact, a professionally photographed home can expect to sell for $1,000 - $19,000 more than a comparable counterpart, and faster too.  A relatively small photography investment always repays itself in price attained and time saved.

 Let’s take a look at a few examples, from properties we have represented.  In each, a standard photograph is on the left, our photos are presented on the right.





Though photographed from the exact same spot, notice how the room on the right looks larger.  The ceiling looks higher, the walls look brighter, the furniture seems cleaner, and the accessories accent the room without crowding the space.



 In the image on the left, the photographer shot from an angle to capture a glimpse of the sliding glass door.  Our photographer instead used the outdoor light to showcase the symmetry of the furnishings and artwork, giving the room a neater, more modern appeal.




Again, framing the photo and shooting from the perfect angle can determine whether a potential buyer investigates your property further.  Though the photograph on the left displays that this small room does indeed have a large window, the angle gives the impression of a small space with a low ceiling.  Our photographer was able to capture the same room as more sophisticated, professional, and organized.



The room where we spend a third of our lives, if we’re lucky!   The photo on the left creates a  cavernous impression, the eyes focused upon carpeting and the cold white ceiling.  Our photographer focused upon the comfort of the bed and the immediacy of the outdoor space.  In the amateur photograph, the brilliance of the greenery is almost lost.

 Images surround us.  When potential buyers often eliminate properties with a quick glance, having yours stand-out from the crowd is more important than ever.  In fact, Sell or Dwell finds it imperative.  Professional photography is always an essential tool in our comprehensive approach to showcasing your home and selling it.